Wochenbericht 2020.29

  1. Causa Facebook vs. Schrems: EuGH erklärt Privacy Shield für ungültig – Golem.de
  2. Vue v3.0.0-beta.23 Released (Bugfixes, Feature, & Perf Improvements)
  3. Aus fürs Privacy Shield: Der internationale Datenverkehr kommt ins Trudeln
  4. I made a site with 550+ Free open source fully customizable SVG icons.
  5. Best Deno Tutorials on YouTube – Tech Jasmine

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Wochenbericht 2020.27

  1. Reno 1.0.0 released! A lightweight router for Deno’s standard HTTP server
  2. PSA: CORS allow origin * considered harmful in development. – Simple Thread
  3. Mozilla bringt ein Notfall-Update für Firefox – Version 78.0.1
  4. Vue 3 Beta 18 Released, Targeting July RC
  5. Adding Insight support for the new FrameworkBundle recipe

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Wochenbericht 2020.20

  1. Deno 1.0 released!
  2. Bootstrap v4.5.0 has landed with dozens of bug fixes, some small new features
  3. Chromium lands Flexbox gap
  4. What happens when you call console.log…
  5. From August, Chrome will start blocking ads that consume 4MB of network data, 15 seconds of CPU usage in any 30 second period, or 60 seconds of total CPU usage

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Wochenbericht 2020.14

  1. Theia 1.0 – Finally a Good Browser IDE
  2. Secret Google UX playbooks
  3. Programming Design Systems
  4. PSA: Stack Overflow dark mode beta is finally here!
  5. Deno 1.0 will be released on May 13

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