Wochenbericht 2021.28

  1. Vue 3.2.0-beta.1
  2. Building a Conference Schedule with CSS Grid
  3. Build Complex CSS Transitions using Custom Properties and cubic-bezier()
  4. Collection of essential Vue Composition Utilities
  5. CSS Bookmarklets for Testing and Fixing
  6. Sa11y is an accessibility quality assurance tool that visually highlights common accessibility and usability issues. Geared towards content authors, Sa11y straightforwardly identifies errors or warnings at the source with a simple tooltip on how to fix them.

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Wochenbericht 2021.27

  1. GitHub Support just straight up confirmed in an email that yes, they used all public GitHub code, for Codex/Copilot regardless of license
  2. GitHubs KI-Copilot: Der Output einer Maschine ist urheberrechtlich nicht schutzfähig – er ist gemeinfrei.
  3. Appwrite – A Self Hosted Open Source Firebase Alternative
  4. JavaScript is weird. (QUIZ)
  5. Forschungsbericht: Schockierendes Ausmaß von biometrischer Überwachung in Europa
  6. Visual Studio Code June 2021
  7. Innenministerium will Abhängigkeit von Microsoft reduzieren
  8. How to Structure a Large Scale Vue.js Application
  9. Composition API code sharing FTW

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Wochenbericht 2021.18

  1. Official: “Announcement: we are planning to release the Vue 3 migration build next week. It is a build of Vue 3 that provides configurable v2 compatible behavior.”
  2. New Spectre attack once again sends Intel and AMD scrambling for a fix
  3. Akar Icons – Perfectly Rounded Icon Library Made For Designers And Developers
  4. New in Symfony 5.3: Improved Debug Commands
  5. Bootstrap 5 Released
  6. How setting arbitrary deadlines can hurt developers

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Wochenbericht 2021.15

  1. How to design almost any UI element (list of ~58 articles of how to properly build elements in terms of UI and UX)
  2. Why some developers are avoiding app store headaches by going web-only
  3. Startschuss für Rust-Entwicklung im Linux-Kernel
  4. Building A Powerful ASCII Game Engine For The Browser
  5. Headless UI 1.0 released, with all new docs
  6. deno 1.9 is released – with unstable fast http

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Wochenbericht 2021.08

  1. How to Favicon in 2021: Six files that fit most needs
  2. How Spotify makes text on images readable
  3. How to Create Native Drag and Drop Functionality in JavaScript
  4. Get Waves – Create SVG waves for your next design
  5. WebRTC for beginners; How it all works from the outside!

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