Wochenbericht 2020.32

  1. The CSS Art of Ben Evans (@ivorjetski) – Frontend Horse
  2. Tailwind CSS: From Side-Project Byproduct to Multi-Million Dollar Business
  3. Drop-Shadow: The Underrated CSS Filter
  4. 20GB leak of Intel data: whole Git repositories, dev tools, backdoor mentions in source code
  5. Writing the same CLI application twice using Go and Rust: a personal experience

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Wochenbericht 2020.29

  1. Causa Facebook vs. Schrems: EuGH erklärt Privacy Shield für ungültig – Golem.de
  2. Vue v3.0.0-beta.23 Released (Bugfixes, Feature, & Perf Improvements)
  3. Aus fürs Privacy Shield: Der internationale Datenverkehr kommt ins Trudeln
  4. I made a site with 550+ Free open source fully customizable SVG icons.
  5. Best Deno Tutorials on YouTube – Tech Jasmine

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Wochenbericht 2020.26

  1. Drag & Drop Elements with Vanilla JavaScript and HTML
  2. keen-slider – An HTML touch slider carousel with a completely native feeling.
  3. AWS launches Amazon Honeycode, a no-code mobile and web app builder
  4. Chrome DevTools now supports style editing for CSS-in-JS frameworks (Chrome 85+)
  5. Oracle-Tochter Bluekai: Werbedatenbank mit Milliarden Nutzerdaten im Netz – Golem.de

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Wochenbericht 2020.05

  1. Self-Host Your Static Assets
  2. Should you self-host Google Fonts?
  3. Geleakte Dokumente zeigen, dass Avast Antivirus die Browser-Daten seiner Nutzer verkauft
  4. JavaScript libraries are almost never updated once installed
  5. How to code a responsive circular percentage chart with SVG and CSS

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Wochenbericht 2019.18

  1. How to create a multi-line text background effect
  2. A Conspiracy To Kill IE6
  3. Oh, the Many Ways to Make Triangular Breadcrumb Ribbons!
  4. Remote Development with VS Code
  5. „Wer Arbeit will, muss Daten aufgeben“ Das Arbeitsamt, dein Freund und Helfer!

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