Wochenbericht 2022.46

  1. Automatisierte Scans: Microsoft sperrt Kunden unangekündigt für immer aus
  2. Announcing Nuxt 3.0
  3. Ryan Dahl talks about Deno and JavaScript in general
  4. Mozilla to begin signing Mv3 extensions for Firefox
  5. Interactive CSS Flex Tutorial / Flexible Box

Wochenbericht 2022.45

  1. Domaininhaber müssen künftig Adressdaten hinterlegen
  2. Nuxt 3 is coming in a week.
  3. Kennst Du diese unbekannten CSS-Attribute?
  4. Announcing the Astro Tutorial
  5. Alternativen zu Mailhog

Wochenbericht 2020.38

  1. A single person answered 76k questions about SQL on StackOverflow. Averaging 22.8 answers per day, every day, for the past 8.6 years.
  2. Article says that today’s students are unfamiliar with the concept of files and folders, is this your experience?
  3. GIT PURR! Git Commands Explained with Cats!
  4. CSS Snippets – 30 seconds of code
  5. Build an end-to-end E-Commerce App with Vue + Vuex + Nuxt + Appbase.io

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Wochenbericht 2021.01

  1. 🚀 Build an E-commerce platform/online store in 25 days using Next.js, Netlify and Stripe!
  2. CSS tip: Did you know that you can make any element resizable, just like `<textarea>`?
  3. Reverse Engineering Source Code of the Biontech Pfizer Vaccine: Part 2
  4. The Complete CSS Animation Tutorial
  5. Vite already preparing a 2.0 release. Ist not only fast, it moving fast as well!

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Wochenbericht 2020.42

  1. The NuxtJS team have just released a new site: Nuxt Modules
  2. JavaScript escape room game: [code]capi Code Out!
  3. 42 (Antwort) – Wikipedia
  4. Webpack 5 release
  5. No, Microsoft is not rebasing Windows to Linux
  6. Vue 3.0.1 Released – filled with Bugfixes 🐛

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