Wochenbericht 2022.46

  1. Automatisierte Scans: Microsoft sperrt Kunden unangekündigt für immer aus
  2. Announcing Nuxt 3.0
  3. Ryan Dahl talks about Deno and JavaScript in general
  4. Mozilla to begin signing Mv3 extensions for Firefox
  5. Interactive CSS Flex Tutorial / Flexible Box

Wochenbericht 2021.49

  1. Tailwind CSS v3.0 wurde veröffentlicht.
  2. Apache Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gateway. It supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH.
  3. Firefox is the Only Alternative
  4. Shopify modular monolith scaled to 30 TB per minute during Cyber Monday – Twitter Thread
  5. Why Don’t Tech Companies Pay Their Engineers to Stay?
  6. Rust takes a major step forward as Linux’s second official language

Was zum Lachen: Folders is an esoteric programming language


Wochenbericht 2021.04

  1. How I replaced google analytics on my website
  2. “there is currently no plan for PWA support in Firefox.” – Mozilla gives up on PWAs in Firefox 85
  3. Write a simple global state management for Vue 3
  4. Firefox 85 Cracks Down on Supercookies
  5. Google, Microsoft pitch in some spare change to keep Mozilla’s Web Docs online bible alive
  6. WebRTC is now a W3C and IETF standard

Was zum Lachen: I’m more mad now than when it was at 49%


Wochenbericht 2020.27

  1. Reno 1.0.0 released! A lightweight router for Deno’s standard HTTP server
  2. PSA: CORS allow origin * considered harmful in development. – Simple Thread
  3. Mozilla bringt ein Notfall-Update für Firefox – Version 78.0.1
  4. Vue 3 Beta 18 Released, Targeting July RC
  5. Adding Insight support for the new FrameworkBundle recipe

Was zum Lachen: Seems legit


Wochenbericht 2019.43

  1. 11 Benefits of TailwindCSS
  2. Architecture Decision Records
  3. Peaks.js — Interact with Audio Waveforms
  4. Electron Tutorial: Building Modern Desktop Apps with Vue.js
  5. Browser: Firefox 70 blockt Tracking durch Facebook und Co.

Was zum Lachen: Just living the moment