Wochenbericht 2020.11

  1. Microsoft Edge has more privacy-invading telemetry than other browsers
  2. -webkit-line-clamp
  3. CSS Tutorial: Create Diagonal Layouts Like It’s 2020
  4. What I expect from a modern image lazyloader
  5. Clipping in CSS and SVG — The clip-path Property and <clipPath> Element
  6. Clippy — CSS clip-path maker

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Wochenbericht 2020.10

  1. Distorted Link Effects with SVG Filters
  2. Announcing PowerShell 7.0
  3. Grid Tile Layouts with auto-fit and minmax | Geddski
  4. 3 Millionen Zertifikate: Let’s Encrypt kündigt ‚Revocation‘ an
  5. Please stop recommending Git Flow!

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Wochenbericht 2020.09

  1. How to de-Google-ify your website
  2. css.gg – 500 CSS icons
  3. How to generate Changelog using Conventional Commits
  4. Vue v3.0.0-alpha.7 released
  5. Email API in TYPO3 10

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Wochenbericht 2020.06

  1. Tailwind CSS v1.2 is here
  2. Baretest — A minimalistic alternative to Jest
  3. Tutorial to build a responsive dashboard with Vue, SVG and Three.js
  4. Wacom drawing tablets track the name of every application that you open
  5. Announcing TypeScript 3.8 RC
  6. Visual Studio Code January 2020

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Wochenbericht 2020.05

  1. Self-Host Your Static Assets
  2. Should you self-host Google Fonts?
  3. Geleakte Dokumente zeigen, dass Avast Antivirus die Browser-Daten seiner Nutzer verkauft
  4. JavaScript libraries are almost never updated once installed
  5. How to code a responsive circular percentage chart with SVG and CSS

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