Wochenbericht 2020.22

  1. CSS-only Slide-up Caption Hover Effect
  2. Color blindness, blurred vision tests now in Chrome devtools (Chrome 83)
  3. Empower your NuxtJS application with @nuxtjs/content module: write in a content/ directory and fetch your Markdown, JSON, YAML and CSV files through a MongoDB like API, acting as a Git-based Headless CMS.
  4. Frei nutzbares Piktogramm-Set von Peter Schmidt Group
  5. Tailwind Builder 💻

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Wochenbericht 2020.21

  1. Tailwind Builder 💻
  2. Reactivity in Vue 2, 3, and the Composition API
  3. Painterro – OpenSource Paint plugin
  4. min(), max(), and clamp() are CSS magic!
  5. Microsoft announces the Windows Package Manager Preview

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Wochenbericht 2020.18

  1. Browser-Based Eye Tracking – WinkScroll, a JavaScript implementation for auto-scrolling
  2. Alpine.js: The JavaScript Framework That’s Used Like jQuery, Written Like Vue, and Inspired by TailwindCSS
  3. 10 open source SVG icon libraries that you can use for your next project
  4. The CSS „content“ property accepts alternative text
  5. Vue 3.0.0-Beta.5 Released
  6. Pinebook Pro im Test: Der 200-US-Dollar-Linux-Laptop für Bastler

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Wochenbericht 2020.17

  1. Chrome is the new Internet Explorer – 4 stages
  2. How to get rid of the Flash Of Unstyled Content
  3. Quirks in Javascript regular expressions
  4. 20+ CSS Navigation Bar – Gscode
  5. 98.css

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Wochenbericht 2020.16

  1. CCC, Wikimedia & Co.: Digitale Abwehrkräfte in der Krise stärken
  2. Puppeteer 3.0.0 now supports Firefox out of the box
  3. symfony/panther 0.7.0 (Auch mit Firefox runner)
  4. Vue 3 Beta Released!
  5. Thinking in Behaviors, Not Screen Sizes

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