Wochenbericht 2018.37

AdBlock Realsatire vuex-router-actions: Streamline complex Vuex actions and have fast and secure asynchronous routing in your app. SortableJS/Vue.Draggable Microsoft intercepting Firefox and Chrome installation on Windows 10 :empty and :blank Was zum Lachen: It’s not an app

Wochenbericht 2018.36

Hygen: The simple, fast, and scalable code generator that lives in your project Mit Generatoren wie Gatsby und Nuxt sucht die Contentverwaltung neue Wege: 10 Headless CMS’s Overview ​Linus Torvalds talks frankly about Intel security bugs: „[.] it’s still not … Weiterlesen →

Wochenbericht 2018.35

Vue.js Login Component with Spinner Pimcore 5.4 – Pimcore is now a Composer Library Wie DSGVO-konform ist die Azure-Cloud von T-Systems? No need to code your webpage yourself, says Microsoft – draw it and our AI will do the rest … Weiterlesen →