Wochenbericht 2022.06

  1. ToolJet – Extensible open-source low-code framework. Connect to databases, cloud storages, GraphQL, API endpoints Airtable, etc and build apps using drag and drop editor. Alternative to PowerApps and Retool.
  2. Yes, I can connect to a DB in CSS
  3. German Court Rules Websites Embedding Google Fonts Violates GDPR
  4. Please make the nonsensical PHP hate stop.
  5. Safari Team Asks for Feedback Amid Accusations That ‘Safari Is the Worst, It’s the New IE’
  6. Use of Google Analytics declared illegal by French data protection authority

Was zum Lachen: Anticipate


Wochenbericht 2022.05

  1. Vue.js Nation 2022 Conference in Review
  2. Visual Studio Code January 2022
  3. EDSB sanktioniert Parlament wegen EU-US-Datenübermittlung an Google und Stripe
  4. Google Fonts sind nicht mehr datenschutzkonform. Was nun?
  5. Alphacode: Deepmind-KI entwickelt so gut wie Durchschnittsprogrammierer – Golem.de
  6. Node.js will include support for `fetch` in their next release

Was zum Lachen: Testing – Hammering Nails (Animated) FOV


Wochenbericht 2022.01

Der erste Wochenbericht des Jahres! Willkommen in 2022

  1. Google fined 150M€, Facebook 60M€ for asymmetric cookie dialogs
  2. Vanta.js – Animated website backgrounds in a few lines of code
  3. We Have A Browser Monopoly Again and Firefox is The Only Alternative Out There
  4. In 2022, YYMMDDhhmm formatted times exceed signed int range, breaking Microsoft services
  5. Unix in the Browser Tab
  6. Container Queries
  7. Fachkräftemangel oder Boomer Vorstand? DHL zunehmens von IT Problemen geplagt.
  8. Create Glassmorphism Card With Tilt Effect On Hover | Vanilla Tilt.js | Speed Code
  9. Norton 360 Now Comes With a Cryptominer
  10. Quick start | Motion One

Wochenbericht 2021.29

  1. Thinking About Glue Code
  2. 20 Questions a Software Engineer Should Ask When Joining a New Team
  3. Torvalds wants new NTFS driver in kernel
  4. What I learned from Software Engineering at Google
  5. Internationalizing and Localizing Your App, Part 1: Understanding Different Cultures
  6. Malicious NPM Package Steals Passwords via Chrome’s Account-Recovery Tool

Was zum Lachen: Immer noch nicht so.


Wochenbericht 2021.17

  1. Pattern Monster – SVG Pattern Generator
  2. Crypto miners are killing free CI
  3. A collection of front-end debugging script snippets to be used in the Sources panel in Chrome DevTools.
  4. GitHub blocks FLoC on all of GitHub Pages
  5. Microsoft joins Bytecode Alliance to advance WebAssembly – aka the thing that lets you run compiled C/C++/Rust code in browsers

Was zum Lachen: Confidence