Wochenbericht 2021.40

  1. Nora, E-Rezept und ID Wallet: Deutschland ist das digitale Schilda
  2. Understanding min-content, max-content, and fit-content in CSS
  3. Facebook-Ausfall: “Alles ist sehr schnell gegangen”​
  4. Twitch-Leaks: Lila Supergau
  5. The best part of Windows 11 is a revamped Windows Subsystem for Linux
  6. Tips and Gotchas for Using key with v-for in Vue.js 3 – Vue.js Tutorials
  7. Why Senior Developers Are Leading the Great Resignation Movement

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Wochenbericht 2021.16

  1. The Initial Preview of GUI app support is now available for the Windows Subsystem for Linux | Windows Command Line
  2. Proposal: Treat FLoC like a security concern
  3. In epic hack, Signal developer turns the tables on forensics firm Cellebrite
  4. WinBox is a new professional window manager for the web. Lightweight, outstanding performance, no dependencies, fully customizable, free and open source!
  5. Researchers Secretly Tried To Add Vulnerabilities To Linux Kernel, Ended Up Getting Banned

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Wochenbericht 2019.03

  1. Sicherheitsforscher brechen aus Docker-Container aus
  2. Vue-Carousel
  3. Handling Time Zone in JavaScript
  4. Testing Vue
  5. Chris Coyier – The All Powerful Front End Developer

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Wochenbericht 2018.47

    1. Können Computer kreativ sein?
    2. Why the concept of immutability is so awfully important for a beginner front-end developer?
    3. The State Of Javascript – Who’s using what in 2018?
    4. 20.000 Euro Bußgeld gegen Knuddels.de
    5. Sicherheitsvorfall: Kunden des Webhosters Mittwald müssen Passwort zurücksetzen

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Wochenbericht 2018.14

Heute wieder zur gewohnten Zeit. Krankheit und Projektdruck machen das ganze dann doch schwerer als gedacht.

  1. Quick Reminder that Details/Summary is the Easiest Way Ever to Make an Accordion
  2. vuex-orm a class based relationship mapping library for vuex
  3. Expanding Menu Using CSS Grid
  4. No, Panera Bread Doesn’t Take Security Seriously
  5. Überraschung: Milliarden von Facebook-Profilen von Dritten ausgelesen

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