Wochenbericht 2022.22

  1. Do we have a lack of developers or a false assumption what the job is?
  2. [OC] Web browsers over the last 28 years
  3. JavaScript Observables in 5 Minutes
  4. content-visibility: the new CSS property that boosts your rendering performance – Improve initial load time by skipping the rendering of offscreen content
  5. Web Audio Modem

Wochenbericht 2022.19

  1. Hölle zugefroren? Nvidia veröffentlicht Linux-Kernel-Treiber
  2. EU wants online age verification by 2024 possibly with digital ID
  3. Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram Die EU macht Ernst mit der Chatkontrolle
  4. @lrvick bought the expired domain name for the ‘foreach’ NPM package maintainer. He now controls the package which 2.2m packages depend on.
  5. CSS tips and tricks you won’t see in most tutorials

Wochenbericht 2022.16

Nach Ostern kehrt so langsam wieder Normalität ein…

  1. URL, URI, URN: What’s the Difference?
  2. What CTOs Say vs. What Their Developers Hear w/ DataStax’s Shankar Ramaswamy
  3. Web scraping is legal, US appeals court reaffirms
  4. CSS tip – the :is() pseudo-class can help keep your code clean, and has surprisingly good browser support
  5. A blind woman’s message to web developers about internet inaccessibility. source: shorturl.at/nvRU7
  6. Tabler Icons: over 1900 vector icons for web design

Wochenbericht 2022.12

  1. Postgres.js – Fastest Full-Featured PostgreSQL Client for Node and Deno
  2. What Web Frameworks Solve And How To Do Without Them
  3. Actually completing personal projects (and gaining value from them)
  4. Five coding interview questions I hate
  5. My key takeaways from The Pragmatic Programmer

Wochenbericht 2022.11

Besser spät als nie, das “best of” meiner Woche.

  1. CSS-Tricks has been acquired by DigitalOcean
  2. One Way Smart Developers Make Bad Strategic Decisions
  3. Give me a browser, I’ll give you a Shell
  4. Building robust distributed systems
  5. US Copyright Office refuses to register AI-generated work, finding that “human authorship is a prerequisite to copyright protection”