Wochenbericht 2021.12

  1. California Bans ‘Dark Patterns’ That Trick Users Into Giving Away Their Personal Data – Strengthening The State’s Landmark Digital Privacy Legislation
  2. University of Helsinki language technology professor Jörg Tiedemann has released a dataset with over 500 million translated sentences in 188 languages
  3. How to Create a Shrinking Header on Scroll Without JavaScript
  4. Bestandsdatenauskunft mit Passwortherausgabe verabschiedet

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Wochenbericht 2021.11

  1. moovie.js Movie focused HTML5 Player
  2. Just-In-Time: The Next Generation of Tailwind CSS
  3. Which color scale to use when visualizing data
  4. Rockstar thanks GTA Online player who fixed poor load times, official update coming
  5. 7-Zip developer releases the first official Linux version

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Wochenbericht 2021.09

  1. Gradient Generator: Create Beautiful, Smooth Gradients
  2. Google Fonts now supports open source icons, starting with the Material Design icon set
  4. jQuery 3.6.0 Released – „We still have our eyes on a jQuery 4.0 release“
  5. I made a guide to get 100% lighthouse score for you guys. Enjoy!
  6. ISO 8601: the better date format
  7. A Vim Guide for Advanced Users

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Wochenbericht 2021.08

  1. How to Favicon in 2021: Six files that fit most needs
  2. How Spotify makes text on images readable
  3. How to Create Native Drag and Drop Functionality in JavaScript
  4. Get Waves – Create SVG waves for your next design
  5. WebRTC for beginners; How it all works from the outside!

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Wochenbericht 2021.07

  1. Microsoft says it found 1,000-plus developers‘ fingerprints on the SolarWinds attack (Vielleicht ist das auch einfach nur Stackoverflow)
  2. Dev creeped out after he fired up Ubuntu VM on Azure, was immediately approached by Canonical sales rep
  3. What’s new in Javascript 21 – ES12 — With explanations
  4. Citibank just got a $500 million lesson in the importance of UI design
  5. The Cleanest Trick for Autogrowing Textareas (mostly CSS and one JS statement :OOOOOO)

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