Wochenbericht 2022.11

Besser spät als nie, das “best of” meiner Woche.

  1. CSS-Tricks has been acquired by DigitalOcean
  2. One Way Smart Developers Make Bad Strategic Decisions
  3. Give me a browser, I’ll give you a Shell
  4. Building robust distributed systems
  5. US Copyright Office refuses to register AI-generated work, finding that “human authorship is a prerequisite to copyright protection”


Wochenbericht 2022.10

  1. JetBrains’ Statement on Ukraine
  2. No, “Open Source” does not mean “Includes Free Support”
  3. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla united for web developers
  4. The problem with tutorials
  5. Web3: Im vollen Galopp vor die Wand – ein Kommentar

Zu lachen gibt’s auch diese Woche nichts.


Wochenbericht 2022.09

  1. Huppsie. Gorillas, the largest supermarket delivery service in Germany has leakes all its customers data through a GraphQL end-point
  2. A new year, a new MDN
  3. Open Source Alternatives to Popular SaaS Companies
  4. Announcing TypeScript 4.6
  5. Solid.js feels like what I always wanted React to be
  6. 5 things you don’t need Javascript for

Wochenbericht 2022.08

  1. A Complete Guide to CSS Cascade Layers
  2. 25 Malicious JavaScript Libraries Distributed via Official NPM Package Repository
  3. Missouri Gov’s Office Responsible for Data Leak – “They failed to follow basic security procedures for years failed to protect teachers’ SSNs and failed to take responsibility instead choosing to instigate baseless investigation into two Missourians who did the right thing and reported the problem” – wir erinnern uns: Wochenbericht 2021.41
  4. Linux developers patch security holes faster than anyone else, says Google Project Zero – Linux programmers do a better job of patching security holes than programmers at Apple, Google, and Microsoft.
  5. CSS Quick Tip: Animating in a newly added element

Was zum Lachen gab es diese Woche absolut nicht.


Wochenbericht 2022.07

  1. Police 3D-printed a murder victim’s finger to unlock his phone
  2. Avoid the Apple App Store
  3. jless, a command-line JSON viewer
  4. State of JavaScript 2021 Survey Results
  5. I scraped 4M dev job offers for the last 5 months and here are the top paid languages

Was zum Lachen: Marked