Wochenbericht 2019.05

Evan You erklärt Vue 3.0 (Video), Zusammenfassung (Medium) Bob Ross Doing the Floss, Like a Boss (Pure CSS) avataaars generator Finance.js – makes it easy to incorporate common financial calculations into your application. Getting started with SASS 2019 Was zum … Weiterlesen →

Wochenbericht 2019.04

10 Year Challenge: How Popular Websites Have Changed awsm.css – Das muss ich bei Gelegenheit mal mit dem fefe-Blog ausprobieren. Element First SCSS Media Queries My brand new logo – Was soll ich dazu sagen. Ich weiss nicht, ob ich … Weiterlesen →

Wochenbericht 2019.03

Sicherheitsforscher brechen aus Docker-Container aus Vue-Carousel Handling Time Zone in JavaScript Testing Vue Chris Coyier – The All Powerful Front End Developer Was zum Lachen: I review, you review, we all review

Wochenbericht 2019.02

30 Seconds of CSS – Useful CSS snippets Designing the Flexbox Inspector An hourly rate? Really? Are you sure? Dazu auch: Value based pricing New in Symfony 4.3: Simpler Form Theming Unlimited free private repositories with GitHub Free Was zum … Weiterlesen →

Wochenbericht 2019.01

Willkommen im neuen Jahr. This is actually a great way to remember a common form of the tar command! In January, the EU starts running Bug Bounties on Free and Open Source Software – Julia Reda Blobmaker – a online … Weiterlesen →